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University of Toronto Mississauga • Department of Geography • Winter 2015

GGR 287H5S: Food and Globalization


 Instructor: Pierre Desrochers


 Lectures: Monday 3-5PM


 Phone: (905) 828-5206

 Office: Davis Building, room 3273


 Lecture room: DV 2072




GGR 287H5S - Primary Syllabus and Mandatory Readings

Primary Syllabus and Mandatory Readings

Suggested Readings' DIRECT LINKS

Week 1 (January 5): Introduction
> Week 2 (January 12): Historical Perspective I
> Week 3 (January 19): Historical Perspective II
> Week 4 (January 26): Commodities I
> Week 5 (February 2): Commodities II
> Week 6 (February 9): Term Test
> Week 7 (February 16): Provincial Holiday - No Lecture
> Week 8 (February 23): Commodities III
> Week 9 (March 2): Commodities IV
> Week 10 (March 9): Agricultural Inputs, Technologies and Food Additives
> Week 11 (March 16): Policy Controversies I: Environment, Biotechnologies and Organic Production
> Week 12 (March 23): Policy Controversies II: Food Security, Subsidies and Barriers to Trade
> Week 13 (March 30): Policy Controversies III: Urban Agriculture, Locavorism and Urbanization


Week 1: Introduction

Suggested readings

Substantial references

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Shorter texts

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The Meatrix

Gapminder. Hans Rosling on 200 countries, 200 years, 4 minutes

Mike Rowe Works on Farming, Fishing, Food

Weeks 2-3: Historical Perspective I-II

Suggested readings

Philipps, Lynne. 2006. "Food and Globalization." Annual Review of Anthropology 35: 37-57.

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Insect Agriculture
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Cooking and Early Agriculture
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Chapter 7: Biodiversity and the Technology of Cooking: Uncultivated foods and the technology of cooking / Chapter 8: Uncultivated Greens - the Nutritional Values / Chapter 9. Uncultivated foods and daily diets in Farhad Mazhar, Daniel Buckles, P.V. Satheesh, and Farida Akhter. Food Sovereignty and Uncultivated Biodiversity in South Asia: Essays on the Poverty of Food Policy and the Wealth of the Social Landscape.
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Transition towards the Modern Era
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- General
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Recent Controversies
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Modern Agriculture and the Green Revolution
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Agropolis Museum - Food and Agricultures of the World

The Food Timeline

Transition to Modern Era
Wessels Living History Farm (York, Nebraska)

Green Revolution
A short video in which Norman Borlaug explains his work and the future of agricultural science.

The Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation

Navdayana (critics)

Weeks 4-9: Commodities I-II-III-IV

Suggested readings

Foodland Ontario, Food Facts

- Potato
McNeill, William H. 1999. "How the Potato changed World History." Social Research 66 (1): 67-83.

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- Soybeans
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- Entomophagy
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- Domesticated Land Animals

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- Fisheries, Seafood and Aquaculture
- Fisheries
* Overview
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- Aquaculture
* Historical Perspective
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* Overview and controversies
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- Canada fisheries and aquaculture
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- General
USDA. National Agricultural Library Plants and Crops

- Potato
International Year of the Potato
International Potato Center (CGIAR center)
The Potato Museum

- Corn
Dolan DNA Learning Center (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
- Explosives Origins of Corn
- Maize (Corn) Genome Completed

National Corn Growers Association (USA)

Chocolat "Chocolate Week"

- Entomophagy
UN FAO on Edible Forest Insects

- Land Animals

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Pew Commission on Industrial Animal Farm Production

- Fisheries, Seafood and Aquaculture
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The OECD on fisheries

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The U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy

Sushi and the End of the Southern Bluefish Tuna (2009)

Global Sushi: Soft Powers and Hard Realities

Week 10: Agricultural Inputs, Technologies and Food Additives

Suggested readings

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Pest Management
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Animal Diseases
(Browse) Cattle Diseases on

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Cattle Diseases and Conditions on

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Animal Reproductive Technologies
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Smithsonian Institutions Library on The American Seed and Nursery Industry

Pest Management
American Phytopathological Society "Common Names of Plant Diseases"

Arthropod Pesticide Resistance Database

CBC News In Depth - The Pesticide Debate

Insecticide Resistance Action Committee

USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Pest Management

Weis, Judith. 2008. "DDT" In Cutler J. Cleveland (ed.) Encyclopedia of the Earth.

International Fertilizer Development Center

Global Phosphorus Research Initiative

Week 11: Policy Controversies I: Environment, Biotechnologies and Organic Production

Suggested readings

Agriculture & Environment, Current perspectives and debates
"Agriculture and Climate Change." In Cleveland, Cutler J. (ed.) Encyclopedia of the Earth.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. 2009. Impact of Agricultural Management Practices on the Environment.

Environment (General)
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Meat Production and the Environment
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Soil Erosion and Degradation
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Environment (General)
Anthromes: The Global Ecological Patterns Created by Humans

European Commission (European Union). Agriculture and Rural Development - Agriculture and the Environment

- Indicators (Overview)
(Browse) OECD. 2008. Agri-Environment Indicators (Key points)

Meat Production and the Environment
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The Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology

A debate on the future of GM technologies, Spiked-Science Debates.

Council for Biotechnology Information

"Frankenfood" Frenzy on ReasonOnline. A pro-technology Website, but with several links to GM opponents.

"Harvest of Fear," a 2001 Nova (PBS) documentary.

WHO (World Health Organization) on
- Biotechnology (GM Foods) and Nanotechnology

Organic Production
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements

International Organic Inspectors Association

Organic Materials Review Institute

OMAFRA. Organic Agriculture (in Ontario)

Public Works and Government Services Canada. Organic Agriculture

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Organic Production

Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Organic Products

Canadian Consumer Information Gateway - Organic Food

The Soil Association (UK)

Intelligence2 USA (February 2010): Is Organic Food Marketing Hype?

Week 12: Policy Controversies II: Food Safety and Security, Subsidies and Barriers to Trade

Suggested readings

Food Safety
Historical Perspective

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• Hunger and Food Security
- Overview
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- Canada
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Week 13: Policy Controversies III: Urban Agriculture, Locavorism and Urbanization

Suggested readings

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Urban Agriculture
- Community gardening
- Urban agriculture
- Community food systems and civic agriculture

IATP | Local Foods

The (Sarah Elton's blog) on the 100 mile challenge

Southwestern Ontario Locavore

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Toronto Food Policy Council

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Video: USDA (World War II):Victory Garden

Final Exam: TBA


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