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University of Toronto Mississauga • Department of Geography • Spring 2015

GGR 325H5S Business and Industrial Geography


 Instructor: Pierre Desrochers


 Lectures: Tuesday 1-3PM


 Phone: (905) 828-5206

 Office: Davis Building, room 3273


 Lecture room: IB 140




GGR 325H5S - Primary Syllabus and Mandatory Readings

Primary Syllabus and Mandatory Readings

Suggested Readings' DIRECT LINKS

> Lecture 1 (Jan. 6): Introduction, Globalization and Changing Geographies
> Lecture 2 (Jan. 13): Processes of Global Shift 1
> Lecture 3 (Jan. 20): Processes of Global Shift 2
> Lecture 4 (Jan. 27): Processes of Global Shift 3
> Lecture 5 (Feb. 3): Processes of Global Shift 4
> Lecture 6 (Feb. 10): Term Test
> (February 17): Reading Week - No class
> Lecture 7 (Feb. 24): Sectoral Pictures 1
> Lecture 8 (March 3): Sectoral Pictures 2
> Lecture 9 (March 10): Sectoral Picture 3
> Lecture 10 (March 17): Winners & Losers 1
> Lecture 11 (March 24): Winners & Losers 2
> Lecture 12 (March 31): Winners & Losers 3


LECTURE 1: Introduction, Globalization and Changing Geographies 

Suggested readings

Brahm, Eric. 2005. "Globalization." Beyond, July.

Guillιn, Mauro F. 2001. “Is Globalization Civilizing, Destructive or Feeble? A Critique of Five Key Debates in the Social Science Literature.” Annual Review of Sociology 27: 235-260.

Perraton, Jonathan. 2001. "Review Essay: The Global Economy - Myths and Realities." Cambridge Journal of Economics 25: 669-684.

Rosecrance, Richard and Peter Thompson. 2003. “Trade, Foreign Investment, and Security.” Annual Review of Political Science 6: 377-398.

Suggested links

International Business & Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Readings and Resources.

The Global Policy Forum on FDI and transnational corporations.

LECTURE 2: Processes of Global Shift 1

Suggested readings

- Urbanization and Globalization
"Cities and growth: Lump together and like it." The Economist, November 6, 2008.

Carlino, Gerald A. 2005. "The economic role of cities in the 21st century," Business Review, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, issue Q3, pages 9-15.

Sorman, Guy. 2010. "The Silicon Lining." City Journal, Vol. 20, no 2.

Warsh, David. 2006. "Secrets of Silicon Valley.", March 26.

- Information Technologies and Geographical Space
Feldman, Maryann. 2002. "The Internet Revolution and the Geography of Innovation." International Social Science Journal 54 (2): 47-54.

Morgan, Kevin. 2004. "The Exaggerated Death of Geography: Learning, Proximity and Territorial Innovation Systems." Journal of Economic Geography 4 (1): 3-21.

Wenzlhuemera, Roland. "The dematerialization of telecommunication: communication centres and peripheries in Europe and the world, 1850-1920." Journal of Global History (2007), 2:345-372.

- Container Shipping and Information Technologies
Hummels, David L. 2007. "Transportation Costs and International Trade in the Second Era of Globalization." Journal of Economic Perspectives, American Economic Association, vol. 21(3), pages 131-154, Summer.

Jung, Alexander. 2005. "The Box That Makes the World Go Round." Spiegel, November 25.

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Rolan, Alex. 2007. "Containers and Causality." Technology & Culture 48 (2): 386-392.

Schmid, William J. 2007 Review of Arthur Donovan and Joseph Bonney's The Box That Changed the World: Fifty Years of Container Shipping- An Illustrated History. H-Maritime, H-Net Reviews.

- Kondratieff Cycles
Rothbard, M. N. 1984. "The Kondratieff Cycle: Real or Fabricated?,"

Suggested links

Levinson, Marc. 2006. "The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger." Princeton University Press, April.

Smil, Vaclav. 2010. Prime Movers of GlobalizationThe History and Impact of Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines. MIT Press.

BBC News. 2010. Special Report: The Box

LECTURE 3: Processes of Global Shift 2

Suggested readings

Williams, Walter. 2003. "Foreign Trade Angst.", August 27.

Drezner, Daniel. 2004. "The Outsourcing Bogeyman." Foreign Affairs, May/June.

Mankiw, Gregory. 2006. "Outsourcing Redux." Greg Mankiw's Blog. May 7.

Pink, Daniel H. 2006. "I Heart Outsourcing." Wired, Issue 14.12 December.

Roberts, Russell. 2007. "Remember When They Were Going to Take All Our Jobs?" Cafι Hayek, April 08.

Varian, Hal R. 2007. "An iPod Has Global Value. Ask the (Many) Countries That Make It." The New York Times, June 18.

Warsh, David. 2006. "Brave New World?" Economic Principals, December 3.

Suggested links


LECTURES 4-5: Processes of Global Shift 3-4

Suggested readings

Amiti, Mary, and Wei, Shang-Jin. 2004. "Fear of Service Outsourcing: Is it Justified?" NBER Working Paper 10808.

Bartlett, Bruce. 2004. "The debate over outsourcing needs some facts,", October 12.

Boland, Brian, and Block, Walter. "The Benefits of Outsourcing." The Freeman: Ideas on Libety, January 1997.

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Σ Riain, Seαn. 2000. “States and Markets in an Era of GlobalizationAnnual Review of Sociology 26: 187-213.

Sassen, Saskia. 2003. “States and Citizens in Global Governance Paper presented at the Globalization, the State, and Society Conference, November 13-14, Washington University School of Law, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

MacKenzie, Richard. "Industrial Policy." The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

Pirie, Madsen. "Privatization." The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

Suggested links

Global Policy Forum on Nations and States

Economic Policy Institute, Issue Guide, Offshoring

Global Trade Watch on Offshoring

Reason Public Policy Institute's Offshore Outsourcing Resource Center

The Conference Board of Canada e-Library



LECTURE 7: Sectoral Pictures 1  

Suggested readings

LECTURE 8: Sectoral Pictures 2

Suggested readings

Boldt, David. "Does 'Made in America' Still Mean Anything? And can a global industry be local?"

Reynolds, Alan. 2006. "Car Competition: Make More Vroom." Cato Institute, October 6.

Griswold, Daniel T. 2006. "Blowing Exhaust: Detroit's Woes Belie a Healthy U.S. Auto Market."
Free Trade Bulletin, No. 22, July 27.

Griswold, Daniel T. 2005. "GM's Woes Are Homemade, Not Imported." Center for Trade Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, November 23.

McCracken, Grant. 2006. "Department stores on the upswing: two approaches to change management and brand architecture."
This Blog Sits at the Intersection of Anthropology and Economics, November 17.

Suggested links

Griswold, Daniel T. 2006. "A Healthy U.S. Auto Market." Cato Daily Dispatch (Cato Institute), August 28.
GGR 333 - Energy & Society, lecture 11: The Future of the Automobile
Citι de l'Automobile - Car Museum, Alsace France


LECTURE 9: Sectoral Picture 3

Suggested readings


Suggested links

Companion website to Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Claude Comtois and Brian Slack (2009). The Geography of Transport Systems. Routledge.

LECTURES 10-11-12: Winners & Losers 1-2-3

Suggested readings

LeRoy, Sylvia, & Amela Karabegovic. 2006. "Economic Growth Has Halved World Poverty." Fraser Forum, November, p. 15-19.

McCloskey, D. N. Forthcoming. "The Industrial Revolution" [The Industrial Revolution and Liberty] in The Handbook of Libertarianism.

"Global Economic Inequality - More or Less Equal?" The Economist, March 11, 2004.

"Pessimistic on poverty? By invitation: Martin Ravallion." The Economist, April 7, 2004.

Maxim Pinkovskiy & Xavier Sala-i-Martin, "Parametric estimations of the world distribution of income." Vox, 22 January 2010.

Sala-i-Martin, Xavier. 2006. "Falling Poverty and Income Inequality: A Global Phenomenon." Fraser Institute, October.

Zettelmeyer, Jeromin. 2003. "Bhalla Versus the World Bank: An Outsider's Perspective," Finance and Development 40 (2): 50-53.

Peron, James. 2006. "The Global Poor Are Getting Richer, Faster." Tech Central Station, December 13.

Maxmen, Amy. 2016. "The Myth Buster: Hans Rosling is on a Mission to Save the World from Preconceived Ideas."
Nature 540 (7633) : 330-333.

Suggested links

Bhalla, Surjit. 2002. Imagine There's No Country: Poverty, Inequality, and Growth in the Era of Globalization. Washington: Institute for International Economics (A videoconference where the author discusses the content of his book is available on the Web).

Various reactions to economist Xavier Sala-i-Martin's work on poverty, inequality and the world distribution of income.

The Global Poverty Mapping Project

Global Economic Prospects 2007: Managing the Next Wave of Globalization

Maddison Project (historical economic stastistics)

Final Exam: TBA


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