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University of Toronto Mississauga • Department of Geography • WINTER 2019

GGR 333H5F Energy and Society


 Instructor: Pierre Desrochers


 Lectures: Tuesday, 7-9 PM


 Phone: (905) 828-5206

 Office: Davis Building, room 3273


 Lecture room: CC 2130




GGR 333H5F - Primary Syllabus and Mandatory Readings

Primary Syllabus and Mandatory Readings

Suggested Readings' DIRECT LINKS

Lecture 1 (January 8): Introduction
> Lecture 2 (January 15): Concepts and the Big Picture
> Lecture 3 (January 22): Carbon-Fuelled Civilizations 1
> Lecture 4 (January 29): Carbon-Fuelled Civilizations 2
> Lecture 5 (February 5): Carbon-Fuelled Civilizations 3
> Lecture 6 (February 12): Term test - Questions
> Week 7 (February 19): Reading Week
> Lecture 8 (February 26): Electricity (Hydro and Nuclear)
> Lecture 9 (March 5): Electricity (Alternatives) and Biomass
> Lecture 10 (March 12): The Perennial Energy Debate
> Lecture 11 (March 19): The Curse of Natural Resources
> Lecture 12 (March 26): The Future of the Automobile
> Lecture 13 (April 2): Guest Lecture: TBA


Lecture 1: Introduction

Suggested readings

General interest
"Can Technology Save the Planet?," The Economist, July 4th, 2002 (Part of the Survey of the Global Environment).

Cohen, Stephanie. "Energy Dreams and Energy Realities." The New Atlantis, Spring 2004.

Committee on America's Energy Future, National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering and National Research Council. 2009.
America's Energy Future: Technology and Transformation. National Academies Press (Summary Edition).

Glassman, James K. 2005. "Energetic Ignorance." Tech Central Station, April 20.

Holdren, John P. 2001. "Searching for a National Energy Policy," Issues in Science and Technology, 17 (3).
Followed in the next issue by a forum on energy policy.

Energy” on John McCarthy's Progress and Its Sustainability Website.

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Topical interest
Energy Independence
Henderson, David R. 2008. "Lets Not Be Energy Independent." The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty, Vol. 58 No. 8 (October).

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- Press material

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- Executive Summary

Forecasting in retrospect
Bailey, Ronald. 2009. "How Green Is Your Crystal Ball? The National Academy of Sciences tries to predict America's energy future. Again.", August 4.

Suggested links

A RFF video on "Taking Measure of U.S. Energy Policy: A Review of the Energy Policy Act of 2005."

Interview with Prof. Peter Odell, 2006 OPEC Award Recipient

Science and Technology - Power Hungry: The Myths of Green Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future

Lecture 2: Concepts and the Big Picture

Suggested readings

Big Picture and Basic Concepts
"A Framework for Understanding Energy Resources." Resources Magazine (Please make sure to click on the magnifying class and browse over each item).

An OECD report “Energy the Next Fifty Years” (1999)

An IEA/OCDE report “Toward a Sustainable Energy Future” (2001)

What is Energy?” Energy Information Agency.

Energy.” Environmental Literacy Council.

Energy in Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia.
Potential and Kinetic Energy.”
Conversion and Conservation of Energy.”

“Survey of Energy Resources.” World Energy Council, 2007.
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Conversion Factors and Energy Equivalents

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Chapter 1 of Shepherd, W. and D.W. Shepherd. 2004. Energy Studies. World Scientific Publishing Co.

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Smil, Vaclav. 2002. "Energy Resources and Uses: A Global Primer for the Twenty-First Century," Current History 101(653):126-132.

On Wikipedia
Energy (society)
Capacity factor
Power station

Energy Transitions and Related Topics
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Ausubel, Jesse. 2002. "Does Energy Policy Matter?" Talk delivered at the George C. Marshall Institute, April 18.

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Add Lyman, Robert. 2019. Transition to Reality: The prospects for rapid global decarbonization. Global Warming Policy Foundation Essay 8 (February). 

Suggested links

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis - Energy Primer; excerpts (pdf).

Lecture 3-4-5: Carbon-Fuelled Civilizations I-II-III

Suggested readings


• Fire and Forests
> Historical Perspective

Enright, Neal J., and Ian Thomas. "Pre-European Fire Regimes in Australian Ecosystems." Geography Compass 2/4 (2008): 979–1011.

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Kusmer, Anna. 2018. "New England Is Crisscrossed With Thousands of Miles of Stone Walls. That's enough to circle the globe-four times." Atlas Obscura (May 4).

(Note: For additional readings on the subject, look up Week 5 (Forests through Time) lecture of my course GGR 489 Special Topics in Human Geography: Cities, Industry and the Environment.)

> Fire and Forest Management: Current Issues

Berry, Alison. "Forest Policy Up in Smoke: Fire Suppression in the United States." Paper presented to the International Society for New Institutional Economics in July 2007 at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik.

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For additional readings, see GGR 489 - Cities, Industries and the Environment, Week 5 mandatory and suggested readings.

Deforestation and Reforestation

Ausubel, Jesse H. "On Sparing Farmland and Spreading Forest." In Clark, T. and R. Staebler, eds., Forestry at the Great Divide: Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters 2001 Convention, Society of American Foresters, Bethesda MD, 2002, pp. 127-138.

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Tragedy of the Commons
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• History of Whaling
"History of whaling," Wikipedia

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• Carbon-based Fuels
> General
Eh. Net Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History (various entries)

Cross, Philip. 2015. "In Praise of Fossil Fuels." C2C Journal (December 17). Oil production history (USA).

Contemporary Issues
Several detailed papers on fossil fuel policy issues are available in the Annual Review of Environment and Resources.

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- Adventures in Energy (browse)

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> Coal
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Contemporary Issues

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How Coal is Formed“ and “Coal Terms Glossary.” American Coal Foundation.
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> Petroleum
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An Interactive Story of Imperial Oil

Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre - Story of Leduc #1

First Oil Well in Western Canada - National Historic Site of Canada

(Ontario History)
"Crude Oil and Natural Gas Resources." Ministry of Natural Resources of the Government of Ontario.

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Contemporary Issues
Oil.” International Energy Agency.

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Fracking controversy
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Technical Issues
Oilfield Glossary

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Current Debates and Controversies
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Pipeline Politics and Economics
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• Fire and Forests over Time
The Webpage of fire historian Stephen J. Pyne of Arizona State University.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations' Forestry Website

Eco-Economy Indicators: DATA - FOREST COVER - World Forest Cover - Industrial and Fuel Wood Use

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• Tragedy of the Commons

Yandle on the Tragedy of the Commons and the Implications for Environmental Regulation

History - Carbon Fuels

Coal and coal (manufactured) gas
Allen Hatheway's Manufactured Gas Website

Drake Well

Crude Oil
- General
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Oil History Website by Samuel T. Pees

Petroleum History = Energy Education

Petroleum History Institute

Museum of the Earth - Oil History

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- Regional
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Canada's Oil Heritage District

Oil Museum of Canada (Oil Springs, Ontario)

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- Unconventional Oil
Museum of the Scottish Shale Oil Industry

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Natural Gas

Alberta's (Tar or Oil) Sands
> Positive Views
Environment Canada on Alberta's Oil Sands
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Oil Sands Question & Response
Alberta Energy: Oil Sands
Alberta's Oil Sands - Government of Alberta
Canada's Oil Sands - Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA)
Ethical Oil website on Myths and Lies about the Oil Sands

> Negative Views
Tar Sands Watch
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Oil Sand Truth
Journalist Andrew Nikiforuk on Alberta's tar sands

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Lecture 6: Term Test


Lecture 7: Reading week


Lecture 8: Electricity (Hydro and Nuclear)

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Electric potential energy
Power station
Base load power plant
Peaking power plant

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International Energy Agency - Hydro

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Fundamentals of Electricity

Natural Resources Canada on Energy


Lecture 9: Electricity (Alternatives) and Biomass

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- General
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Renewable Energy

Renewables - International Energy Agency

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- Biomass
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- Wind
Country Guardian's Website

Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions

Glebe Mountain Group - Vermont Ecologists opposed to windwills (including the song "Tilting at Windmills")
See especially their links to wind energy Websites

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Foreign aid wasted resources

Subsidies (fossil fuels vs renewables)

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Palm oil no good

Lecture 10: The Perennial Energy Debate

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Suggested links

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A talk by economist James Hamilton on the "Peak Oil" controversy

The Abiotic Oil Debate and "Peak Oil"

The Interview: Thomas Homer-Dixon

Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas

Club of Rome

Energy Bulletin


The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre (ODAC)

The Oil Drum - Discussions About Energy and Our Future

The End of Fossil Fuels” on Die Off

The Global Oil Crisis Website

UK Energy Research Centre

Remembering Julian Simon. Freedom Network and the Heartland Institute.

Bjørn Lomborg's (The Skeptical Environmentalist) Website

Peak Oil Debunked


Lecture 11: The Curse of Natural Resources

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Suggested links

A National Public Radio series (originally aired in August 2005) on "Oil Money Divides Nigeria."

The Dark Side of Natural Resources" and “Oil and Natural Gas” on the Global Policy Forum.

The second installment (“The Oil Curse”) of the 3 part CBC series “Oil: The World Over a Barrel.”

Odious Debt

Exorcizing the Resource Curse: Minerals as a Knowledge Industry, Past and Present

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Lecture 12: The Future of the Automobile

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• Historical Perspective
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Biomass Fuels
Several links dealing with biomass fuels are provided in lecture 8.

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Suggested links

"Alan Alda Scientific American Frontier: Future Car." (a video that can be seen on the PBS Website.)

Vehicle Technologies Program: Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity

Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity: Overview

Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity: Related Links

Eric Peters Autos

Nova: Car of the Future.” (The program can be watched online here)

Before the Car

Running Like Wildfire - A Study of the Most Destructive Recorded Episode of Equine Influenza in History

Historical Perspective

History of the Automobile” on

Cité de l'Automobile - Car Museum, Alsace France

Car News and Debate
The Detroit News Auto Talk

The various editorials of "The Truth about Cars"

Diesel Vs Gasoline

Comparing Gas and Diesel Engines

Diesel Technology Forum

Hybrid and Electric Cars

Who Killed the Electric Car? (Sony Pictures Classics)

Rauch, Jonathan. 2008. "Rauch on the Volt, Risk, and Corporate Culture." EconTalk, September 01. 

Future Car


Green Car Congress

Horisly's Space: World's First Air-Powered Cars by Toyota [Videos]

The International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

The Interview: David Sanborn Scott

Lecture 13: Guest Lecture: TBA

Ontario energy history and policy framework
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Final exam: TBA


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