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University of Toronto Mississauga • Department of Geography • FALL 2018

GGR 365H5S Trade and Globalization


 Instructor: Pierre Desrochers


 Lectures: Tuesday 7-9PM


 Phone: (905) 828-5206

 Office: Davis Building, room 3273


 Lecture room: CC 2130




GGR 365H5S - Primary Syllabus and Required Readings

Primary Syllabus and Required Readings

Suggested Readings' DIRECT LINKS

> Lecture 1 (September 11): Introduction and Concepts
> Lecture 2 (September 18): Transportation 1
> Lecture 3 (September 25): Transportation 2
> Lecture 4 (October 2): The Battle of Ideas 1
> October 9: Fall Reading Week
> Lecture 5 (October 16): The Battle of Ideas 2
> Lecture 6 (October 23): Term Test
> Lecture 7 (October 30): Market Liberalization, Sweatshops, Child Labor and Fair Trade
> Lecture 8 (November 6): Market Liberalization, Sweatshops, Child Labor and Fair Trade
> Lecture 9 (November 13): Globalization and Culture
> Lecture 10 (November 20): Global Institutions and Foreign Aid
> Lecture 11 (November 27): Globalization and the Environment
> Lecture 12 (December 4): Finance and Concluding Thoughts


Lecture 1: Introduction and Concepts

Suggested readings

My GGR 329 Geography and the Roots of Globalization course webpage contains several links to the pre- and more recent history of globalization.

On Wikipedia: "Trade" and "History of international trade."

Blinder, Alan S. “Free Trade.” The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

Bhagwati, Jagdish. “Protectionism.” The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

LaHaye, Laura. “Mercantilism.” The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

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Mitchell, Dan. 2018. "7 Reasons to Support Free Trade. The bottom line is that Trump's protectionism is bad policy. And risky policy." (September 26). 

Suggested links

The Global Policy Forum on Globalization

The Global Transformations website

Marginal Revolution (MR) University on international trade 

LectureS 2-3: Transportation

Suggested readings

People and Goods
On Wikipedia. "Trade Route" and "History of Transportation"

Canadian Encyclopedia. "Transportation"

Smil, Vaclav. 2018. "April 1838: Crossing the Atlantic." IEEE Spectrum (April): 23. 

Gordon, John Steele. 2014. "100 Years of the Panama Canal." The American (August 15).

Desrochers, Pierre. Review of Marc Levinson's The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger (Princeton University Press, 2006), Independent Review, vol. 12, no. 1, (Summer 2007), pp. 146-149.

Smil, Vaclav. 2010. Prime Movers of Globalization: The History and Impact of Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines. MIT Press.
- Review by Nick Schulz, Wall Street Journal (December 1, 2010)
- Review by Mark Reutter, Wilson Quarterly (Winter 2011)
- Review by William Sjostrom, (August 2012)

The Free Migration Debate
Powell, Ben. 2013. "Immigration Reform -- The Time for Free Trade." Huffington Post (June 16).

Plants, Livestock and Diseases
Crosby, Alfred W. 2001. "The Columbian Exchange: Plants, Animals, and Disease between the Old and New Worlds." National Humanities Center.

Tatem, A.J., D.J. Rogers and S.I. Hay. 2006. "Global Transport Networks and Infectious Disease Spread." Advances in Parasitology 62: 293-343.

Nunn, Nathan and Nancy Qian. 2010. "The Columbian Exchange: A History of Diseases, Food and Ideas." Journal of Economic Perspectives 24 (2): 163-188.

Suggested links

People and Goods
BBC News - The Box

Great Circle Mapper

International Maritime Organization

International Labor Organization
- Bibliographies on the transport sector

Mighty Ships (videos)
- Emma Maersk 
- MV Becrux 
- MV Paul R. Tregurtha 
- MV Fairplayer 
- North Star 
- Umiak 1 

Open Borders: The Case

Logistics Bureau (blog)


LectureS 4-5: The Battle of Ideas I - II

Suggested videos

"Jerusalem, the Anthem, with simultaneous lyrics." 

2009. The Shock Doctrine (Watch the video documentary here)

Globalisation is Good by Johan Norberg (2003) (Watch it here)

The Nation. 2007. "Naomi Klein: Disaster Capitalism." 

PBS Foreign Exchange. 2008. "The Real News: Naomi Klein." 

Reason TV. 2008. "Johan Norberg Vs Naomi Klein and the Shock Doctrine." 

F.A. Hayek Interviewed By John O'Sullivan

Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation channel 

Capitalism Vs Communism (old cartoon) 

Cato Institute Policy Forum. 2016. "Socialism and Human Nature" (September 14)

Suggested readings


-Biographical Information

Biography of Karl Marx. The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

Biography of Ludwig Edler Von Mises. The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

Biography of Friedrich August Hayek. The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

Biography of John Maynard Keynes. The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

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-Substantial Pieces

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-Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of Economics

The Chicago School of Economics” on the History of Economic Thought Website.

Biography of Milton Friedman. The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

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–. 2008. "University of Chicago Faculty Letter on The Milton Friedman Institute.", June 6.

Economist Milton Friedman's Free to Choose on the web (also on Idea Channel TV)

Interviews on the Charlie Rose Show: Milton Friedman (26-12-2005)

-Recent History

Flynn, Daniel J. 2008. "The Right Gifts." City Journal, 12 December.

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Mitchell, Dan. 2016. "Free Markets and Small Government vs. Redistributionism and State Planning." International Liberty (July 19). 

-Older Debates

Bowler, Gerry. 2018. "The Scorecard of Socialist Revolutions." FCPP Commentary (October 2).
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-Naomi Klein

Klein, Naomi. 2008. "Why the Right Loves a Disaster." (January 27).
---. 2008. "Naomi Klein: 'We can't lose this moment'" (December 12).

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"The Shock Doctrine." Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Journalist and activist Naomi Klein's website

Renegade Pictures / Revolution Films. 2009. The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. (Video)

Interviews on the Charlie Rose Show: Naomi Klein (02-01-2008)

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- On Democratic Socialism

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-Thomas Piketty

---. 2014. "Thomas Piketty's "Capital", Summarised in Four Paragraphs." The Economist Explains (May 4).
McCloskey, Deirdre. 2015. "How Piketty Misses the Point." Cato Policy Report (July/August).

Suggested links

The History of Economic Thought Website.

McMaster Archive of the History of Economic Thought.

The Road to Serfdom, the movie.

The Mont Pelerin Society

Boudreaux, Don. 2015. "Fair Trade: Does it Help Poor Workers?" MR University: Everyday Economics.

-Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein "The Shock Doctrine" & "No Logo" interview

-Milton Friedman debates Naomi Klein
Milton Friedman Debates Naomi Klein

Milton Friedman Debates Naomi Klein Part 2

Taylor & Francis freely available research on Millenium Development Goals.

Lecture 6: Term Test


Lecture 7-8: Market Liberalization, Sweatshops, Child Labor and Fair Trade

Suggested readings

-On Job Destruction

That Which is Seen, and That Which is Not Seen by Frederic Bastiat, 1850.


Substantial Pieces

Amiti, Mary, and Wei, Shang-Jin. 2004. "Fear of Service Outsourcing: Is it Justified?" NBER Working Paper 10808.

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Paul Craig Roberts Vs Jagdish Bhagwati on Outsourcing (originally published in The Wall Street Journal, May 10, 2004).

Shorter Pieces

"Offshoring" and "Offshore outsourcing" on Wikipedia

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Barriers to Development
"Bureaucratic Barriers to Entrepreneurship," part of an interview with Peruvian economist and social thinker Hernando de Soto.

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Sweatshops and Child Labor
-Overview and Historical Perspective

“Sweatshop,” on Wikipedia.

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-Substantial Pieces

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-Shorter Pieces

What You Need to Know About Sweatshops,” on Global Exchange.

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Free Trade Vs Fair Trade

-Fair Trade

"Fair Trade" on Wikipedia

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-Food Policy

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-Case Study: Coffee

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-Various entries on the Second Cup Controversy

"Canadian coffee chain under attack." Catholic New Times, March 21, 2004.

Demanding Fair Trade Coffee at SECOND CUP (Petition)

Fair Trade Coffee Sale (Petition)

Second Cup's statement on fair trade coffee (CBC)

-Case Study: Canada - Supply Management
Findlay, Martha Hall (with assistance from Margarita Gres). 2012. "Supply Management: Problems, Politics - and Possibilities," The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, June 2012.

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Hains, Brigid. Undated. "Cows might Fly." Aeon

Suggested links

Economic Policy Institute on Offshoring

Reason Public Policy Institute’s Offshore Outsourcing Resource Center.

The Facts about Insourcing, Organization for International Investment

Bringing the Jobs Home: How the Left Created the Outsourcing Crisis, and How We Can Fix It. Heritage Foundation. March 9, 2005.

Eric Edmonds of Darmouth College has written a lot on child labor

Economist Benjamin Powell of Suffolk University has written much on sweatshops

Global exchange against sweatshops

The UNICEF and the International Labour Organization have published several statistics and studies on this topic.

Initiative for Free Trade 

Free Trade Vs Fair Trade

Global Exchange on Fair Trade

Fair Trade Federation on Fair Trade

The Fair Trade Research Group at Colorado State University.

The Copenhagen Consensus on Subsidies and Trade Barriers

Black Coffee

Coffee @

Vanderbilt University Institute For Coffee

University of London (SOAS). Fair Trade, Employment & Poverty Reduction Research 
- Publications 
- Response to Fair Trade statement 

Fair trade Foundation 
- Response to SOAS report 

Fair Trade Initiative 

Lecture 9: Globalization and Culture

Suggested videos

TVO. The Agenda with Steve Paikin. 2016. "The Trouble with Cultural Appropriation." (October 31).

Rebel Media. 2017. "Will SJWs Complain About "Indigenized" Star Wars Artwork?" (January 6).

Suggested readings

-General Interest

Does Globalization Diminish Cultural Diversity?” on The Globalization Website.

Bornon, Julien, & Jacques Delacroix. 2005. "Can Protectionism Ever Be Respectable? A Skeptic’s Case for the Cultural Exception, with Special Reference to French Movies." The Independent Review, Vol. 9, No. 3 (Winter).

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Vargas Llosa, Alvaro. 2010. "A Nobel Laureate in the Family." The Independent Institute, October 13.

Balko, Radley. 2003. "Globalization and Culture" Global Policy Forum.  

-Cultural appropriation
Wilcove, Hannah. 2017. "What You Need to Know About Cultural Appropriation." Critical Social Justice (October 11).

Bradford, K. Tempest. 2017. "Commentary: Cultural Appropriation Is, In Fact, Indefensible." Code Switch (June 28).

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Van Noord, Jack. 2018. "Commentary: My Nephew Tried to School Me on Cultural Appropriation. It Didn't End Well." Chicago Tribune (August 29). 

-Benjamin Barber Vs Tyler Cowen

Summary: Does Globalization Thwart Cultural Diversity?” World Bank.

Barber, Benjamin. “Beyond Jihad Vs McWorld”.

Cowen, Tyler. 2005. "The Future of Culture in a Globalised World." The Sir Ronald Trotter Lecture, New Zealand Business Roundtable.

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Barber, Benjamin. 1992. “Jihad Vs McWorld.” The Atlantic. (March)

A debate between Tyler Cowen and Benjamin Barber, Cato Policy Report, May-June 2003.

Suggested links

-General Interest

Globalization and Culture” on the Global Policy Forum.

-Benjamin Barber Vs Tyler Cowen

Creative Destruction: How Globalization Is Changing the World's Cultures. Book Forum video featuring Tyler Cowen and Benjamin Barber, Cato Institute, March 4, 2003.

Another debate between Tyler Cowen and Benjamin Barber can be found on Marginal Revolution. August 4, 2005.

A lecture by Tyler Cowen on "The Future of Culture in a Globalized World," May 2nd 2005 at the American Enterprise Institute.

-Cultural Appropriation (Interviews, Podcasts)
CBC Metro Morning with Matt Galloway. 2017. "Susur Lee on Fusion Food." (November 6).

Patterson in Pursuit. 2016. The Case for Cultural Appropriation. (Near-verbatim transcript, also posted as an article in the Observer)

Lecture 10: Global Institutions and Foreign Aid

Suggested videos

Poverty Inc - Trailer
Foundation for Economic Foundation. 2015. "Myth Busting African Poverty" (Magatte Wade).

Suggested readings

-Global Institutions
Historical Perspective
Luther, William J. 2014. Review of "The Battle of Bretton Woods: John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White, and the Making of a New World Order (Princeton University Press, 2013)" by Benn Steil, Independent Review 18 (3) (Winter 2014).

In their own words

What is the WTO?
- WTO. 2011. Making Globalization Socially Sustainable (Brochure) (Note: Full report and other material available here)

What is the IMF?
- IMF 2008. Globalization: A Brief Overview

About us (the World Bank).
- WB. Youthink! Issues - Globalization


"Aid" on Wikipedia

-Social, Economic and Policy Background

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-Copenhagen Consensus

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Website of the Copenhagen Consensus

Wikipedia on the Copenhagen Consensus

-Odious Debt Perspective

Several short articles on the "odious debt" perspective can be found here.


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-Canada and Foreign Aid

"Foreign Aid" in the Canadian Encyclopedia

What do others think?
- IMF and World Bank
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Suggested links


The United Nations' Millenium Project

The Copenhagen Consensus Website and "Global Crises Global Solutions," a presentation by Bjørn Lomborg, Associate Professor of Statistics, University of Aarhus, and author of The Skeptical Environmentalist.

The Lancet Child Survival Series

Development Research Institute (New York University)

-The Sachs-Easterly Debate

The Earth Institute at Columbia University and Jeffrey D. Sachs' book The End of Poverty. Economic Possibilities For Our Time

Economist William Easterly's Website

Sachs Vs Easterly

An interview with Bill Easterly, Tavis Smiley Show, April 7, 2006.

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The Private Sector Development Blog (World Bank)

"Make Poverty History"

Odious Debts

"World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2007 - Scaling Innovation in Foreign Aid." (Google Video)

The International Policy Network

The Independent Institute on Economic History and International Development

The Cato Institute on (or rather, against) foreign aid

Special issues of the Cato Journal
24 (3), Winter 2004, on "Institutions and Development."
25 (3), Fall 2005, on "Remembering Peter Bauer." on "Development and Globalization."

Global Envision - Microfinance

Lecture 11: Globalization and the Environment

Suggested readings


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-Forests and Wood Products

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Suggested links


A special issue of Environment and Development Economics, Volume 5, Issue 4, October 2000 on Trade and the Environment (see especially the Policy Forum section).

A special issue of the electronic journal Contributions to Economic Analysis and Policy (vol. 3, issue 2, 2004) on "The Pollution Haven Hypothesis."

Environmental Sustainability Index prepared in part by Daniel C. Esty of the Yale Center of Environmental Law and Policy.

The Sierra Club on Trade and the Environment

WHO Health and Environment Linkages Initiative

Global Environment Outlook

"Trade and the Environment" on the International Institute for Sustainable Development Website.

-Forests and Wood Products

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations' Forestry Website

NPR: Study: Reforestation Shows Signs of Life, Nov 17 2006 (audio)

The Great Restoration:The Potentials for Forest Protection to 2050

The web page of my JGE 1609 course contains several more references to this topic.

Lecture 12: Finance and Concluding Thoughts

Suggested readings

- Finance
Selgin, George. "Lord Keynes' Contra White on the Beginnings of Coinage." Alt-M (August 30).

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- Concluding Thoughts
See the content of Lectures 10-12 of GGR 325 Business and Industrial Geography

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Suggested links

Final exam

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