Tuition, Fees and Funding Package Overview for 2018 – 2019
University of Toronto Mississauga

Tuition and Fees

PhD/Master ~ $8 919

PhD ~ $9 543
Master ~ $25 283

Base Funding Package

Domestic Students
PhD/Master $25 919

International Students
PhD $26 543
Master $42 283

Students in the “funded cohort” receive this base funding package upon offer of admission – it covers tuition and incidental fees, plus additional for living expenses. 

Additional Funding

We are pleased to offer additional funding opportunities for all students.

Graduate Expansion Fund

Travel and Research Grants

TA and RA Positions

Internal and External Scholarships

Tuition and Fees

In 2018 tuition amounts are $8,918.36 for domestic Master’s and PhD students, $9,542.36 for international PhD students and $25,282.36 for international Master’s students. This fee varies from year to year, and must be paid each year for the duration of study.* 

The Department of Geography offers excellent funding packages to pay the cost of tuition and support student research and living costs.

*Contact us to confirm the up-to-date tuition fees and guaranteed funding package value.

Payment of tuition fees is dependent on the components of the funding package (when/how awards are distributed) and is handled through the student web services ACORN account. Detailed information on fee regulation and structure can be found on the School of Graduate Studies website. 

Funding Packages

The Department of Geography at the University of Toronto Mississauga provides a base funding package to all students in the funded cohort. Students in year one of their Master’s program or years one to four of their PhD program are in the “funded cohort.” In 2018-19, the annual base financial support package is $17,000 plus tuition costs (in 2018 tuition amounts are $8,918.36 for domestic Master’s and PhD students, $9,542.36 for international PhD students and $25,282.36 for international master’s students). This represents the base support provided; students have opportunities to secure funding in addition to the base amount. Students are expected to pursue their degree program as their full-time occupation (limit of employment to 10hrs/week) and must maintain a good academic standing in order to be eligible. 

The funding package is comprised of a combination of internal awards, University of Toronto Fellowships (UTF), external scholarships, base teaching assistantships, or a research assistantship with the student’s supervisor. If students secure external scholarships, the funds from the scholarship will replace other items, so as to not exceed the base funding amount. At the start of the academic year, students will receive a letter outlining the specific components of their package and the payment schedule (timeline of when the funds will be administered to the students and whether they will be directly applied to fees or deposited to the student’s financial account).

Funding Distribution & Payment

Each component of the funding package may be paid according to a different method or payment schedule. Students can track their finances on their ACORN (student web service) account; students must register and maintain a mailing address and/or banking information on Acorn for payments to be issued. If students choose not to identify their banking information cheques will be issued for mailing or pickup. For TA/RA contracts, students must provide their hiring unit with payroll information.

Additional Funding Opportunities

After year one of the Master’s program and year four of the PhD program, students are no longer considered part of the funded cohort. However, the Department of Geography at the University of Toronto Mississauga is often uniquely situated to offer affiliated students students outside the funded cohort opportunities to receive additional funding through teaching assistantships.

It also offers the opportunity to supplement this funding with Graduate Expansion Funds (GEF) to support conference/research travel, and many teaching assistantship and research assistantship positions.

Your funding package can be made up of internal or external scholarships, TA and RA positions. Students in unfunded cohort may also secure scholarships and TA/RA positions independently.

You can check out more about the sources of your funding package, or additional funding in each of the sections below.

Students can apply for internal awards through the Department, the Faculty of Arts and Science, and/or the School of Graduate Studies. Students are notified of these opportunities as they occur.

Departmental Awards: 

These awards are made possible by the generosity of Department members, alumni and friends. Only current students are eligible to apply.

Faculty of Arts and Science Awards: 

The Faculty of Arts and Science has several awards available all graduate students in the Faculty. The award offerings and deadlines are available on their website.

School of Graduate Studies Awards: 

The School of Graduate Studies provide financial support through entrance scholarships (by nomination of the Department), travel awards and grants, accessibility and emergency grants.

External Scholarships make important contributions to students in the funded and unfunded cohorts. Our students are often successful in securing these prestigious awards. For students in the funded cohort, any external scholarships secured are counted toward the base funding amount. If the scholarship is less than the base funding amount, the department provides funds to bring the total up to the base amount. This may be achieved through Teaching Assistantships, but students with external funding are not required to do a research assistantship as part of their funding package.

Most students who hold an external scholarship that does not cover the full base amount will receive a ‘top-up’ in addition to the base package. This top-up amount varies from year to year depending on available funds. Students who have a scholarship which exceeds the base funding amount (e.g. SSHRC CGS of $35,000, Vanier of $50,000, etc.) do not usually receive a top-up.

External scholarships are paid through instalments.

External Master’s Awards

Canadian Graduate Scholarships (SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR)

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

External PhD Awards

Vanier Awards (SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR) 

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) 

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) 

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

Trudeau Scholarship 

The Department may include a maximum of $1 500 in Research Assistant (RA) work as part of the base funding package. Payments are made monthly through the payroll system. Research Assistantships allow students to work on research projects, funded through their Supervisor’s research grants. Terms and conditions (hourly rate of pay, role and subject of research) will be determined by the supervisor in September. The subject of the research for the RA work may be unrelated to the student’s own research. RA work provides the opportunity to conduct hands-on experience, broaden knowledge and research interests, and learn new methods and literatures in geography.

As part of the guaranteed funding package, students are guaranteed a specific number (up to 177) hours of Teaching Assistant (TA) work across the fall/winter sessions. Although these hours are guaranteed, students must apply to the specific positions (courses) they wish to TA. Students who do not apply for TA positions, or who decline positions they are offered are considered to have forfeited this funding and will have their funding package reduced accordingly.

Teaching Assistants are paid an hourly rate of $46.22, including vacation pay. Payments are made monthly through the payroll system. TA work may take various forms including marking assignments and running tutorials and laboratory sessions. These positions provide both a source of funding and a form of professional training. Students are eligible to TA at any of the University of Toronto campuses (Mississauga, St. George, or Scarborough). Students affiliated with UTM are given priority when applying for TA positions at the Mississauga campus.  

PhD students are guaranteed one subsequent appointment each year (the hours of the subsequent appointments will be the same as their first or second appointment, whichever is greater). The department assigns students to their subsequent appointments in May/June for the following academic year. The Department of Geography at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) is uniquely situated to be able to offer positions to students who are outside the funded cohort (i.e. in their second year of Master’s studies).

Once guaranteed appointments are assigned, the department will circulate remaining available TA positions to incoming and current students in July. Students may apply for TA positions in addition to the hours assigned for their base package.