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To become a member of the CRSA and/or to register for the CRSA Congress, please visit our PayPal Page or send a copy of this pdf form accompanied with your check or money order payable to the Canadian Regional Science Association:

          Pierre Desrochers (CRSA)
          Department of Geography
          University of Toronto Mississauga
          3359 Mississauga Road North
          Mississauga, Ontario
          Canada L5L 1C6

CRSA Membership


1. Regular membership: $60.00
2. Student/unemployed: $25.00

Meet some of our CRSA Members

Pierre-Marcel Desjardins
Department of Economics
University of Moncton

Pierre Desrochers
Department of Geography
University of Toronto Mississauga

Richard Shearmur
INRS Urbanisation, Culture et Société
Université du Québec

Rémy Tremblay
Université du Québec à Montréal



For over thirty years, the Canadian Regional Science Association has provided a forum on urban and regional research and policy for members of the academic, government and business sectors. Its two main activities have been publication of the Canadian Journal of Regional Science and the annual CRSA meetings. This year, the executive board of CRSA has decided to institute some significant changes that will take advantage of new communications technologies.

First, the Canadian Journal of Regional Science is moving to an online, open access format. This will make papers published in CJRS freely available to the global community of urban and regional researchers. We are confident that under this new, more contemporary means of delivery, the CJRS will continue to advance as one of the best outlets for regional science research findings.

Second, the low attendance of the past few years indicates that the annual meetings are no longer serving the needs of our membership. In large part this is because Canadian regional scientists are spread over such a huge geographic area that only a small proportion can attend annual meetings conveniently and affordably in any given year. Starting in 2010, there will be no conventional annual meeting. Instead there will be a "virtual conference" comprising a set of web based presentations on an important policy issue. Members will be able to view the papers at their leisure over a two week period during which they can submit questions to the authors via an open Q&A page and participate in live web discussions. (The virtual conference will take place in the Fall - look for further details in the near future.) CRSA will still run conventional conferences from time to time, such as when we hold the NARSC meetings in 2012, but not on a regular annual cycle.

CRSA's commitment to exploiting new media technologies will extend further to new "members only" web site features that will provide up to date information in a variety of electronic formats, including early access to CJRS journal articles. Details will be coming soon. In the meantime, suggestions and comments are most welcome.