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GGR 333 – Energy and Society – Gasland/FrackNation Controversy

Overview and Videos

Wikipedia – Gasland

Wikipedia – FrackNation

– Gasland (2010 documentary by Josh Fox) (Full documentary) See also here and here.
– FrackNation (2013 documentary featuring Phelim McAleer) (Full documentary).

The Gasland Controversy

Overview of the controversy
Read Todd Myers (WSJ)Sean Higgins (Washington Examiner)GreenWorld; Bakken Oil Business Journal

Details of the controversy
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Overview.” The Guardian (2015).

Debunking GasLand,” “ICYMI – Longtime NYT Editor, Columnist on GasLand,” “Fact and Fiction – No Hot Air,” “Gasland director hides full facts,” “Truthland,” “Fracking The Movie(s),” “The Facts about Gasland” (NaturalGas.org); FrackNation.

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