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GGR 333 – Energy and Society – Pipeline Politics (Canada)

Crude Oil and Oil Sands – Keystone XL, Line 5, Trans Mountain and Energy East
Natural Gas – Coastal GasLink

Technical Issues
Pipelines in Canada: Everything you need to know (aboutpipelines.com)

Why does Canada import foreign oil? – About Pipelines

Why does Canada export crude oil? – About Pipelines

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Pipeline vs Rail Transport
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Opposition to Pipelines
-Economic and Environmental Issues
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Specific Projects (Canada)
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Coastal GasLink (TC Energy)

Wikipedia – Coastal GasLink Pipeline

Technical Issues
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The JLS Report
– “People who say stupid things like give us back our land by Wun Feather” (February 24).
– “Introducing Gulaxkan (The Bear That Sleeps All Winter Long) also known as Rita George” (February 23).
– “Wolves in Fancy Blankets” (February 16).
– “Bands Authority vs. Hereditary Chiefs Authority regarding Land Claims” (February 5).

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Keystone XL (TC Energy) (terminated in 2021)

Wikipedia – Keystone Pipeline

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Line 5 (Enbridge)

Wikipedia – Enbridge Line 5

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Trans Mountain (Government of Canada, previously Kinder Morgan)

Wikipedia – Trans Mountain Pipeline

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Energy East (TC pipelines, terminated in 2017)

Wikipedia – Energy East

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Marathon Pipe Line Inc.’s Capline pipeline (Reversal)

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