Pierre Desrochers

GGR 489 – Long Distance Trade and Food Security

Instructor: Pierre DesrochersPhone: (905) 828-5206
Office: SE 3273 (UTM-Geography)E-mail: pierre.desrochers@utoronto.ca

Broad overview of the advantages and inconvenients of relying on international trade to achieve food security.

The final grade will be based on progress reports and oral evaluation in scheduled meetings, along with a final synthesis report. Each progress report will be approximately 5 pages (single space). The oral evaluations will last between 20 and 30 minutes. The final report will be approximately 25 pages (single space).

Written and oral reports on module 1 (15%)January 30, 2014
Written on oral reports on module 2 (15%)February 27, 2014
Written and oral reports on module 3 (15%)March 27, 2014
Final report (55%)April 10, 2014
Required readings

– Historical Perspective

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– Current Context

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– DeSchutter Vs Lamy (Overview)

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– Supplemental links (Browse)

WTO on food security

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UN Committee on Global Food Security

FAO Committee on World Food Security

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required readings

– The Case for Long Distance Agricultural Trade

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– Agricultural Trade and Food Security

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– The Case against Agricultural Trade Restrictions

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– Supplemental links (Browse)

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required readings

Environmental, Health and Related Considerations

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– Political Economy Considerations

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– Food Sovereignty

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– Supplemental links (Browse)

See GGR 489 – Special Topics in Human Geography: The (Re)Localization of Food Production: Debates and Controversies.