Pierre Desrochers

Global Innovation & Regional Development Speaker Series

Organized by Harald Bathelt and Pierre Desrochers from the Department of Geography & Planning, this speaker series brings prominent innovation and economic development scholars to our institution. The lectures are open to all members of the UofT and the wider public.

Upcoming Speakers

More details to come.

Past speakers

Yangmi Koo, Seoul National University
“Transnationalization and Localization of Korean Electronics Corporations in Vietnam” (2023)

– Professor Johannes Glückler – Institute of Geography, University of Heidelberg
“Social Network Analysis, Blockmodeling and the Spatial Transformation of Markets” (2017)

– Professor Ram Mudambi – Frank M. Speakman Professor of Strategy, Fox School of Business, Temple University
“Global Connectedness and Local Disconnectedness” (2017)

– John Cantwell – Distinguished Professor of Management and Global Business at Rutgers University
“New Dynamics of Location and International Business in the Information Age” (2016)

– Erica Schoenberger – Johns Hopkins University
“War and Water: Sources of Urban and Regional Creativity and Growth” (2016)

– Richard Walker – University of California, Berkeley
“Behind the Boom: Sources of Bay Area Success and Metropolitan Change” (2015)

– Richard Shearmur – McGill University
“Innovation Beyond Cities: Remoteness and Slow Innovation” (2015)

– Edward Malecki – Ohio State University
“The Local, Global, and Virtual Geographies of Innovation” (2014)

– Peng-Fei Li – University of Toronto
“Family Ties for Knowledge Creation in Developing Economies” (2014)

– Oliver Ibert – Leibniz-Institute for Regional Development & Structural Planning Erkner
“Mushrooming Entrepreneurship: The Dynamic Geography of Innovation Originating from Communities of Interest” (2014)

– Patrick Cohendet – HEC Montreal
“Epistemic Communities, Localization and the Dynamics of Knowledge Creation” (2013)

For more information please contact Harald Bathelt (harald.bathelt@utoronto.ca) or Pierre Desrochers (pierre.desrochers@utoronto.ca).