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Life in Hell,” Grad School Edition.

Modern Teaching” as viewed by Doonesbury

PhD: Piled High and Deeper. A Grad Student Comic Strip

The illustrated guide to a Ph. D.

The Simpsons – Comments about PhDs and Grad Students

The Grad Student Rap


Arts and Letters Daily

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W. W. Bartley III on the marketplace of ideas and the real marketplace

Interdisciplinary Research and Academia

A Personal Introduction to Opportunities and Resources for: Research and Activism in Energy and Environmental Science & Policy
by Daniel M. Kammen (While this comment deals mostly with potential careers in energy policy analysis, I believe it is a good backgrounder for anyone interested in interdisciplinary research.)

Academic Associations to which I belong

Association of American Geographers

Affinity Groups
– Economic Geography
– Energy and Environment
– Historical Geography

Business History Conference

Canadian Association of Geographers

Canadian Regional Science Association

Heterodox Academy 

International Society for Industrial Ecology

Society for the Development of Austrian Economics

Academic Research Websites

The Entrepreneurial Research Portal of the Kauffman Foundation


Heterodox Academy – The Viewpoint Diversity Experience 

Reason TV. Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe on the High Cost of College (Full Interview) (December 13, 2013). 

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Grad Skool Rulz

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Cameron Herold: Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs, Video on TED.com.

Business Rules of Thumb Wiki

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Mike Rowe on following your passion (or not, or sort of).

Not sure what to do with your life? Here are some valuable advices from Apple Computers co-founder, Steve Jobs. (Some critical comments on Jobs’ advice by Robin Hanson, Megan McArdle, Arnold Kling and Will Wilkinson.)

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