Research Interests:


Urban Political Geography and The Politics of Planning

             Urban Space, Planning, Automobility, and Political Values

             Globalization, Development, and Planning for Urban Change

             Neighbourhood Form, Ideology, and Electoral Geography  


Urban Social and Economic Polarization and Inequality

             Urban Policy, Economic Restructuring, and Neighbourhood Inequality

             Social Exclusion, Immigration and Segregation, Gated Communities

             Financialization, Mortgage Markets, Household Debt, Income Flows

             Debt and Geographies of Social Justice


Urban and Suburban Development

             Metropolitan Planning, Governance, Growth and Decline, Urbanism and Suburbanism

             Urban and Suburban Planning, Transportation Accessibility, Urban Form

             Geography of Housing and Homelessness, Social Housing Redevelopment

             Gentrification, Social Mix, Condoism, and Urban Revitalization Processes and Policy









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Photos: Alan Walks

Photos: Alan Walks

Alan Walks, Ph.D.,  Professor of Urban Geography and Planning, University of Toronto

Photos: Alan Walks



Ph.D. 2004   University of Toronto   (Geography/Planning)

M.A.  1998   University of Waterloo  (Planning)

B.A.   1993   Dalhousie University    (International Development)


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